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Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
Christ is risen!
Redeem us Lord from all those former years
Glory to God! Our hearts we raise1998
We believe in God the Lord,1998
Before the pulse and tick of time,1999
God in heav’n we give you glory,1999
Christ comes in the breaking of the bread,2000
In a world which we have ordered2000
Simon Peter on the sea shore2000
We give the Father glory and we pray for peace on earth2000
Darkness and light contain our mortal living:2001
Lord hear your world both blest and bleeding,2001
Broken worlds have glory given2002
Christ in glory, (or Christ is risen)2002
Hid within our daily living2002
Sing of truth and triumph blazing:2002
Sun in winter, Dayspring bright –2002
Tune: The seven joys of Mary2003
Beneath the joys of Christmastide2003
Birth gives us life, sentenced to perish;2003
God’s Word, love’s Word,2003
The days that lead to Christmastide2003
Heav'nly Father, send your Spirit2004
Midst our noise of daily living,2004
Sing the silence; shine the darkness!2004
Spark in darkness kindles light –2004
The earth receives its maker –2004
We sing the faith of Holy Church,2004
Death is dead and love set free –2005
Deep in our night God touches earth;2005
Lord, you meet us from the future:2005
This day is blessed by God’s sweet joy which comes from heaven above2005
When the Lord from his throne leapt from heaven to earth2005
God’s love was born so simple2006
In my neighbour Christ is present –2006
A baby is born – God laid in the hay:2007
The soul cries out to God, whose music sings –2007
Starlight and hay –2008
God is love, he tends and cares;2008
Jesus, we obey you:2008
Lord, you meet us from the future:2008
Lord, you meet us from the future:2008
O Spirit come and spread your fire,2008
At the heart of our lives there’s a hunger that’s deep2009
Crown him, the servant King2009
Crown him, the servant King2009
Saltire cross is Andrew’s glory,2009
The word of God calls each and every soul2009
Called by the Word, creation’s life has order2010
God is the rock whose love so sure2010
No song can sing or thought embrace2010
O Lord your name is ever blessed2010
A cry in the night from the barn of an inn2011
Christ has called us in our living,2011
Deep in our hearts God’s truth is born,2012
God is love and God is mystery:2012
Joseph called to be Christ’s father,2012
Now blest these sixty years2012
Now blest through passing years2013
Saint much loved for simple living,2014
We gather as God’s people2014
Jesus, we worship you;2016
Sing to the Lord your heart’s new song2016
Written to commemorate the centenary of World War 1 Armistice — Remembrancetide 20182018
(for Mary Jeffreys who commissioned this setting)2018
Glory to God and highest praise2018
To God we sing on high2018