Special Occasions, General

Water of life

Metre: 13 10 13 10Blow the wind southerly


For with you is the well of life
And in your light shall we see light ~ Psalm 36.9

Water of life comes from God’s well, the source of all:
Fountain of love flowing widely and free.
Each of us, Spirit borne, flows never endingly,
Separate drops held in Christ’s unity.

Praise God for the fountain, his Spirit’s activity,
Sharing the water of life on his earth.
Enliven your Church to release from captivity
Prisoners and victims – redeemed by Christ’s birth.

Divided and fractured by creed and by history,
Remake us, Lord now, as only you can:
Christ Jesus amongst us in time and in mystery –
Fragments and droplets retrieved in his plan.

Enlighten your Church, Lord, to see your diversity
Shining in all life that you’ve brought to be.
True faith knows no limits in God’s creativity:
Jesus the fountainhead sets us all free.

Here’s love overflowing, cascading with energy,
God in his Spirit is playing in light.
Here’s joy without measure that banishes lethargy,
Lighten our darkness, Lord, bless us with sight.

© Neil Thompson 2002