Christmas Carol 2003

Metre: Double Common MetreTune: Noel

Beneath the joys of Christmastide
Christ’s birth brings truth alive.
Our feasts shine bright when days are dark –
For more than this we strive.
We need the peace that comes from love
That made us out of naught;
Our aching world for healing cries:
In flesh and soul and thought.

There is no end to war and pain
Without the grace of God.
We sing with joy that Christ is born
And walks where all have trod.
Our lives are lit and shared by love,
Born poor in stable bare.
Each human breath has meaning true,
As in God’s light we share.

What must we do who know this truth –
The mystery of Christ’s birth?
It touches every day we live
To change all life on earth.
We each must care for Jesus’ life,
Now lived in lost and poor;
The angels’ song must warm our hearts
To bring compassion sure.

The truest joy of Christmastide
Lies hid within our lives,
And we are called to urge the world
To put down guns and knives.
All weapons must the darkness fight:
Lust, poverty and greed –
To let the Christchild bring that peace
Which is our truest need.

© Neil Thompson 2003