A Hymn of God's Music

Metre: 10 10 10 + AlleluyaTune: Engelberg

The soul cries out to God, whose music sings –
as daily round and chore is given wings –
for sound and matter join in praise that rings:

Time’s pulse brings song to life for human kind –
as Spirit touches soul and ear and mind
in meaning’s depth through which the Lord we find:

The part and whole are blest and wed in one
by God whose tune through every age has run
in Christ whose victory over death is won:

For some the music’s all that they can hear:
the life of God in creed is far from clear;
yet Love incarnate touches every fear:

Let all that breathe sing praise to God this day
and harmonise our lives as one we pray
through Jesus Christ – our music and the Way:

© Neil Thompson 2007