A Hymn of God the Rock

Metre: 88 88Rievaulx

God is the rock whose love so sure
Can reach all pain, e’en death endure;
Yet to to this earth our frailty clings
Fearing the worst our future brings.

God is the rock – by love hewn out –
Filled by the pools of human doubt
Which God contains and makes his own
In Jesus Christ – his love made known.

God is the rock whose power can heal,
Whose touch assures, whose truth is real;
All need a refuge from time’s blast
To gain the peace of God at last.

God is the rock that lives within,
Molten and purging human sin:
It’s ancient, new and Spirit borne,
Affording all a saving dawn!

God is the rock by which we know
That we are dust yet born to live
In him whose strength will make us grow
To find his life in all we give.

© Neil Thompson 2010