Called by the Word

Metre: 11 10 11 10Lord of the Years

Called by the Word, creation’s life has order
Not just in laws but by love’s power and grace:
Reason and thought impart a human border
Which God has shared and shown in Jesus’ face.

So God has made us, dust and living spirit
Set free to live in time redeemed by Christ:
Here, hand in hand, eternity inherit
For Jesus’ grace – not law – has now sufficed.

I cannot live without my God and neighbour
For like our God, we’re never on our own –
In social light we all can play and labour
Held sure by love that reigns from Calvary’s throne.

God’s ways bring joy to those who risk in giving –
Lost to ourselves and found in other’s delight:
Jesus has shown us – taught us thankful living –
Released from self and opened to God’s light.

Mother and child lie at the heart of caring,
In Mary’s arms, Creator’s child once lay;
Then on the Cross his broken body bearing
All law and sin into th’Eternal Day.

Dare we now trust Christ’s love in one another?
Come, Lord, in power and set your people free
By Spirit’s gift in sister and in brother
Formed in the world as Jesus’ family!

© Neil Thompson 2010