A Hymn of the Holy Trinity

Metre: 99 99Randolph

God is love and God is mystery:
He is Father, source of all being;
Spirit bringing God’s way of seeing;
God in Jesus bound by history.

God is one and God is Trinity:
In his life we find human meaning,
Jesus Christ through time intervening –
Conquering death by love’s divinity.

God is here and yet beyond our sight:
Father’s love in Jesus, befriending;
Spirit’s joy in life never ending;
Human days are set in endless light.

God brings all into his unity:
Love forgives and heals all our warring,
From the cross God’s lifeblood outpouring –
Asks us into his eternity.

Lift us Lord into your holy light:
Guide our path and bless all our living;
Take our lives in worship’s self–giving –
Raise creation into heaven’s height!


© Neil Thompson 2012