A Hymn for Mothering Sunday

Metre: 77 74 Refrain 449Here I am, Lord

God is love, he tends and cares;
In a mother’s arms he bears
Every child, who’s born to die –
He saves in Christ.
Such a wondrous story came
To a world where guilt and shame
Overwhelm with fear and pain
The joy of life.
Pour your Spirit
On your world, Lord.
We all need your love and tender care.
Bless your Church, Lord.
Make us holy
In the love of Jesus, Mary’s Son.

Mary said ‘I will’ to God:
Love is born where we have trod –
Human days are shared by Him
Who knows no age.
So the Lord of time and space
Meets us with a human face –
Jesus leads us by the hand
To bring us home.

By the cross, Our Lady stood,
Saw her son nailed to the wood:
Love outpoured between the two –
The sky turned black.
Jesus died, to rise again,
Sharing fear and human pain
So that all might live in Him –
The Lord of life.

In a family God lives;
Simple joys he shares and gives:
As a mother loves her child,
God loves his world.
Make us strong to share this life,
Bring true peace in place of strife;
Spread the love that counts no cost –
So all are free!

© Neil Thompson 2008