The earthly and the heavenly meet

Metre: 86 86 + 88 86 Tune: The Seven Joys of Mary

Tune: The seven joys of Mary

– a carol inspired by Neil’s bubble machine!!!

The earthly and the heavenly meet
As Jesus Christ is born;
Eternal love becomes our friend
Because of Christmas morn.
The smelly beast with hooves of clay
Is met by floating spheres so light:
OR: Is met by angels’ songs in light
God’s love now fills our night with day –
All fear is put to flight!

The stable poor contains the King
Whose rule sets all folk free.
The commonplace is holy ground:
Time meets eternity!

So look for shafts of love each day
That shine from Christ the Lord!
May Jesus live in every heart –
By all the world adored!

© Neil Thompson 2003