Special Occasions

A Hymn of St Andrew for Rochester

Metre: 87 88 7 "Etheldreda" ~ Arthur Wills 1983

Saltire cross is Andrew’s glory,
Saint renowned and praised today –
For his faith and holy living,
Leaving all – to Jesus giving –
Future formed in God’s own way.

First to hear and follow Jesus
By the Sea of Galilee;
Andrew then sought out his brother –
Come to him, who like no other,
Brings the life that sets all free.

Holy monks who built by Medway
Church and abbey for the Lord,
Called upon the prayers of Andrew,
Trusting life to Saviour’s hand, who
Leads and guides us by truth’s sword.

Blade of light and heavenly armour –
Saints are clad in Spirit’s power;
Serving Christ and making holy,
Stones and lives by love made lowly:
Rochester – St Andrew’s flower!

Blessed Mary, Jesu’s mother,
Holds her Son in love today;
With St Andrew, blessed in glory,
Prays and meets us in the story
Lit by Christ’s eternal Day.

© Neil Thompson 2009