A Hymn for Lent & Passiontide

Metre: 87 87Tune: All for Jesus

Broken worlds have glory given
By God’s life through cross and grave.
All our living, deathward driven,
Shared by Jesus’ power to save.

History speaks of power and glory,
Splendours, might and victories won.
Yet time claims each mortal story:
Gain is naught when life is done.

All our strife and pain and doubting
Has a purpose in God’s heart;
Friday’s death and Calvary’s shouting –
On the cross, Christ takes our part.

Human fears and fleeting stories
God redeems from hour to hour:
Every breath is touched by glories
Hid in Jesus’ love and power.

This is faith: God’s gift of seeing
All that’s hid from mortal eyes.
Life’s unlocked by Jesus being
Hope for us that never dies.

Lead us Lord, from edge to centre:
Draw us to the cross of life;
Passion’s drama, may we enter –
Find your peace within our strife.

© Neil Thompson 2002