Christmas Carol 2000

Metre: 87 87 77Tune: Irby

In a world which we have ordered
By the powers of strength and thought,
Love is born, the child of Mary,
In time’s hands th’eternal’s caught.
Human days are shared by God –
Jesus Christ our path has trod.

Heaven’s power is clothed in weakness;
Mortal strength must bear all fears –
As the Word, a child and Saviour,
Lives our life, our joys and tears.
Angels tell the world around:
Inns and fields are holy ground.

Jesus’ birth restores our purpose:
Every life and every age
Now can live with God for ever
Freed from fate, our mortal cage.
Love reclaims our human days:
Dust and angels – one in praise.

Doubt besets successive ages;
Christ is born to die for all.
Mind and heart must beat together
For the soul to hear God’s call.
Love eclipses all our power
By the gift, new born this hour.

Can we see this loving Jesus
In our world of here and now?
Christ was born to live for ever.
Do we show it? If so, how?
Christmas asks this of us all;
God among us makes this call.

© Neil Thompson 2000