Special Occasions

Wedding Hymn

Metre: Irregular 13 13 13 13 13 13Thaxted

This day is blessed by God’s sweet joy which comes from heaven above
and fills our lives, each passing hour – the gift of life and love.
No doubt or pain can conquer the power His Spirit brings
to those who offer all to him in Christ the King of kings.
Such love binds hearts together, in vows that set us free:
our lives we give and lose through time – to find eternity.

And so we sing and pray for those whose vows are made today:
to love and care through good and ill – as shown by Christ the Way.
His truth brings light in darkness; His life unites us all:
the marriage feast invites the world to share in Jesus’ call.
This love we know and see each day in every round and task:
God’s peace and life in Jesus Christ is all we need to ask.

Then come what may, our lives are safe, protected by God’s Word.
In Jesus Christ he speaks to us – our every need is heard.
Our human love is holy when touched by Spirit’s flame;
it leads us into trust and hope, and takes away all blame.
This love will never fail us; it holds us to the end –
and brings us to our heavenly home in Christ our Lord and friend.

© Neil Thompson 2005