Easter Hymn

Metre: 78 78 4Tune: St Albinus

Death is dead and love set free –
Easter breaks this earthly prison;
All death dies on Calvary:
God’s own Son is now arisen!

Nails that pierced Christ’s hands and feet
Can no longer hold or pain him.
Father’s love brings death’s defeat –
Jesus lives: triumphant victim!

He who died redeems the lost –
Lives for those whose lives are broken.
Heals our hurt whate’er the cost –
Death’s cold sleep is now awoken!

Doubts and fears grip human hearts –
Reason’s truth needs Spirit’s vision;
Darkness from the light departs –
New sight comes from Christ arisen!

Dare we live his life today?
Let God’s love heal sin and error?
Take our wills, O Christ, we pray,
Save our earth from need and terror.

Tombs of self break, risen Lord,
May your grace restore our living.
Give us what we can’t afford:
Spirit’s joys in human giving!

© Neil Thompson 2005