A Hymn of the Mystical Way

Metre: 87 87Halton Holgate

Sing the silence; shine the darkness!
Praise of God defies all laws
Made by us to shape the starkness
Of a world without a cause.

He who is, has no beginning,
Yet in time God chose to die:
Take our days – all loss now winning
From all sense of how and why.

Rays of darkness, silence singing,
– Lead us from the sensate realms
To the inner source whose springing
Liberates not overwhelms.

Take our world of sense and substance,
Make what’s passing, yours for aye.
Reach us, closing every distance
With the mystery of your way.

Starlit darkness, Christ in glory,
Help us find that way today:
Hidden truth and inner story –
Spirit’s life in pots of clay.

© Neil Thompson 2004