A Hymn of Peace

Metre: 86 86 86 86 (Double Common Metre)Coe Fen

Written to commemorate the centenary of World War 1 Armistice — Remembrancetide 2018

We yearn for peace but still fight wars
and fail to learn God’s ways;
the past is blamed to find a cause
for warring present days.
Come Spirit blessed to make us new,
break habits, hate and fears –
to see the Christ in other’s view
and feel His pain and tears.

In Bible’s page the nations fight
and claim that God is theirs.
Forgive us Lord, restore our sight
that we might live our prayers.
The past is drenched by blood and loss
through wars and violent ways;
may Jesus on his holy cross
redeem our human days.

This simple gift for all the earth,
once won on history’s stage:
love’s tortured death, stripp’d of His worth,
spills out to every age.
The fallen – broken, lifeless dust –
by Christ are healed and raised
beyond our power; the Father’s trust
by Church and world be praised!

Lord, grant us strength to fight for peace
and speak love’s truth today;
with wills resolved we’ll never cease
to watch and love and pray:
that all may live in freedom blessed
and care for those in need.
In peace may the departed rest,
from time and death be freed.

God’s peace fulfils and blesses life,
it heals the aching soul;
there is a way in place of strife
that makes all people whole.
This hope is real but costs our pride:
Lord, help us choose love’s way
where hearts and minds are open wide
In this and every day!

© Neil Thompson 2018

Metrical Psalm 98

Metre: Common Metre extendedAntioch

Sing to the Lord your heart’s new song
For all his marvels done;
His will declared through ages long –
God saves: our victory’s won,
God saves: our victory’s won,
God saves, God saves: our victory’s won!

To all the world he shows his truth
In Israel’s faith and life.
The age–worn world finds hope and youth –
His peace dispels our strife,
His peace dispels our strife,
His peace, his peace dispels our strife.

Burst out in song O fearful earth,
Make music filled with joy
With singing, harp and trumpet’s mirth
All tears and want destroy,
All tears and want destroy,
All tears, all tears and want destroy.

Clap, clap your hands, O seas and hills
For God is judge and Lord;
The earth is blessed and freed from ills
With love and truth outpoured,
With love and truth outpoured,
With love, with love and truth outpoured.

© Neil Thompson 2016

A Hymn of Gathering

Metre: 76 76 D Refrain 6686 Tune: Wir Pflugen

We gather as God’s people
To be his life today;
We have to be together
To learn Christ’s saving way.
Our failings here forgiven,
New life from God outpoured;
His Church is now made holy,
By Jesus’ grace restored.

God’s love calls each person
To form Christ’s family:
We share his life, receive his food –
Transformed in unity.

We come to God in worship
To give ourselves in love.
We hear his holy Gospel –
Truth coming from above.
The story of our Saviour
Lives here in you and me
To be his love for others:
Christ sets all people free!

The mystery of Christ’s body
Gives every time and place
The promise of his presence:
Hope for the human race.
He needs us to be faithful
As Jesus’ life today;
We ask for strength and blessing
To live out what we pray.

© Neil Thompson 2014

A Hymn of the Holy Trinity

Metre: 99 99Randolph

God is love and God is mystery:
He is Father, source of all being;
Spirit bringing God’s way of seeing;
God in Jesus bound by history.

God is one and God is Trinity:
In his life we find human meaning,
Jesus Christ through time intervening –
Conquering death by love’s divinity.

God is here and yet beyond our sight:
Father’s love in Jesus, befriending;
Spirit’s joy in life never ending;
Human days are set in endless light.

God brings all into his unity:
Love forgives and heals all our warring,
From the cross God’s lifeblood outpouring –
Asks us into his eternity.

Lift us Lord into your holy light:
Guide our path and bless all our living;
Take our lives in worship’s self–giving –
Raise creation into heaven’s height!


© Neil Thompson 2012

Christ has called us in our living

Metre: 85 85 and refrainGuiting Power

Christ has called us in our living,
there his love to find –
in our neighbour and self–giving,
peace of heart and mind.
Here in bread and wine we bring
Our lives, our world, our offering.

In our world of deep division,
Jesus makes us one;
each by sin set on collision:
met in God’s own Son.
Here in bread and wine we bring
Our lives, our world, our offering.

Saved by love on cross and altar:
sacrifice is done;
there, where each of us will falter,
Christ o’er death has won!
Here in bread and wine we bring
Our lives, our world, our offering.

Body broken, life blood spilling:
Friday victim’s priest;
darkness lit by God now filling
Eucharistic feast.
Here in bread and wine we bring
Our lives, our world, our offering.

Daily wants and wars and terrors
brought now to this place –
for God’s healing of our errors,
touched by Jesus’ grace
Here in bread and wine we bring
Our lives, our world, our offering.

For the future, God now feed us
in this meal of love
that in Jesus you may lead us
to our home above!
Here in bread and wine we bring
Our lives, our world, our offering.

© Neil Thompson 2011

Called by the Word

Metre: 11 10 11 10Lord of the Years

Called by the Word, creation’s life has order
Not just in laws but by love’s power and grace:
Reason and thought impart a human border
Which God has shared and shown in Jesus’ face.

So God has made us, dust and living spirit
Set free to live in time redeemed by Christ:
Here, hand in hand, eternity inherit
For Jesus’ grace – not law – has now sufficed.

I cannot live without my God and neighbour
For like our God, we’re never on our own –
In social light we all can play and labour
Held sure by love that reigns from Calvary’s throne.

God’s ways bring joy to those who risk in giving –
Lost to ourselves and found in other’s delight:
Jesus has shown us – taught us thankful living –
Released from self and opened to God’s light.

Mother and child lie at the heart of caring,
In Mary’s arms, Creator’s child once lay;
Then on the Cross his broken body bearing
All law and sin into th’Eternal Day.

Dare we now trust Christ’s love in one another?
Come, Lord, in power and set your people free
By Spirit’s gift in sister and in brother
Formed in the world as Jesus’ family!

© Neil Thompson 2010

A Hymn of God the Rock

Metre: 88 88Rievaulx

God is the rock whose love so sure
Can reach all pain, e’en death endure;
Yet to to this earth our frailty clings
Fearing the worst our future brings.

God is the rock – by love hewn out –
Filled by the pools of human doubt
Which God contains and makes his own
In Jesus Christ – his love made known.

God is the rock whose power can heal,
Whose touch assures, whose truth is real;
All need a refuge from time’s blast
To gain the peace of God at last.

God is the rock that lives within,
Molten and purging human sin:
It’s ancient, new and Spirit borne,
Affording all a saving dawn!

God is the rock by which we know
That we are dust yet born to live
In him whose strength will make us grow
To find his life in all we give.

© Neil Thompson 2010

A Hymn of God's Generous Love

Metre: 86 86 + refrainLangstaff

No song can sing or thought embrace
God’s endless, selfless life;
Yet love floods in with Jesus’ grace
And shares our fears and strife.
O lavish love poured ever free
To heal and save humanity!

All that I am I give to you,
Says God in scripture’s page;
All that I have I share with you –
In this and every age.

There is no start or end to Him
Who shapes all nature’s law;
God’s love o’erflows creation’s brim
And breaks down death’s dread door.

In Christ, God saves the weak and lost –
He shares our pain and fear:
His heart of love bears every cost
Of bringing heaven here.

The generous love that Jesus lives
Exceeds our partial ways:
Forgiveness, grace, he always gives
To those who give him praise.

No door is shut to those who seek
The help of God on high;
No creed or might defeats the meek –
He hears their every cry.

And so the Church must act to be
A faithful loving sign
As God incarnate’s family
Ablaze with fire divine!

© Neil Thompson 2010

Metrical Psalm 8

Metre: LM 88 88Bow Brickhill

O Lord your name is ever blessed
Throughout the world and heaven’s height;
Your glory’s sung – by babes confessed –
You still the foe’s avenging might.

The sight of moon and stars gives thought –
How God regards our human race;
Below the angels we are caught
Yet crowned by God in glory’s face.

This honour brings a wealth and power:
The world is set beneath our feet;
Eternity fills every hour;
With God our lives are made complete.

© Neil Thompson 2010

A Hymn of God's Music

Metre: 10 10 10 + AlleluyaTune: Engelberg

The soul cries out to God, whose music sings –
as daily round and chore is given wings –
for sound and matter join in praise that rings:

Time’s pulse brings song to life for human kind –
as Spirit touches soul and ear and mind
in meaning’s depth through which the Lord we find:

The part and whole are blest and wed in one
by God whose tune through every age has run
in Christ whose victory over death is won:

For some the music’s all that they can hear:
the life of God in creed is far from clear;
yet Love incarnate touches every fear:

Let all that breathe sing praise to God this day
and harmonise our lives as one we pray
through Jesus Christ – our music and the Way:

© Neil Thompson 2007

A Hymn of the Mystical Way

Metre: 87 87Halton Holgate

Sing the silence; shine the darkness!
Praise of God defies all laws
Made by us to shape the starkness
Of a world without a cause.

He who is, has no beginning,
Yet in time God chose to die:
Take our days – all loss now winning
From all sense of how and why.

Rays of darkness, silence singing,
– Lead us from the sensate realms
To the inner source whose springing
Liberates not overwhelms.

Take our world of sense and substance,
Make what’s passing, yours for aye.
Reach us, closing every distance
With the mystery of your way.

Starlit darkness, Christ in glory,
Help us find that way today:
Hidden truth and inner story –
Spirit’s life in pots of clay.

© Neil Thompson 2004

Water of life

Metre: 13 10 13 10Blow the wind southerly


For with you is the well of life
And in your light shall we see light ~ Psalm 36.9

Water of life comes from God’s well, the source of all:
Fountain of love flowing widely and free.
Each of us, Spirit borne, flows never endingly,
Separate drops held in Christ’s unity.

Praise God for the fountain, his Spirit’s activity,
Sharing the water of life on his earth.
Enliven your Church to release from captivity
Prisoners and victims – redeemed by Christ’s birth.

Divided and fractured by creed and by history,
Remake us, Lord now, as only you can:
Christ Jesus amongst us in time and in mystery –
Fragments and droplets retrieved in his plan.

Enlighten your Church, Lord, to see your diversity
Shining in all life that you’ve brought to be.
True faith knows no limits in God’s creativity:
Jesus the fountainhead sets us all free.

Here’s love overflowing, cascading with energy,
God in his Spirit is playing in light.
Here’s joy without measure that banishes lethargy,
Lighten our darkness, Lord, bless us with sight.

© Neil Thompson 2002

© Neil Thompson

Replacement verses (2,3 & 4) for ‘Lift up your hearts’

Metre: 10 10 10 10Woodlands

Redeem us Lord from all those former years
Where guilt and failure formed our present fears;
By grace release us as we sing and pray:
O Lord of light, lift all our hearts today!

Bring light and joy to every human heart:
In Jesus Christ you share our human part
And heal, forgive, transform and make us whole,
O Lord of Truth, lift every Christian soul!

Take all our lives – our strengths and gifts and gains –
For in our freedom, Jesus lives and reigns;
Our minds and wills set free to sing your praise
Which brings eternal peace to human days.

© Neil Thompson