Advent Hymn

Metre: 87 87 47Tune: Helmsley

Hid within our daily living
God’s pure light and glory burn;
By his Spirit ever giving
Meaning to each change and turn.
Now in Jesus
Comes the truth that all can learn.

Prophets’ words and Bible stories
Turn our thoughts and hearts to God:
Look beyond time’s passing glories –
To the ways that truth has trod.
God incarnate,
Rule our world with love’s true rod!

Wars and conflicts never ending
Shake our world from age to age.
God now to his children sending
Peace to quell our selfish rage.
Holy Saviour
Walks with us through history’s page.

Death and judgement, hell and heaven:
Advent speaks its truth today.
At the end of time come seven
Angels of th’eternal day:
Jesus mercy,
Save us at the last, we pray!

Christ in glory, draw creation
Into one – as God is one:
To the Father, adoration,
With the Spirit and the Son!
Praise and glory –
Now the Kingdom has begun!

© Neil Thompson 2002